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Jim Lichatowich
Salmon Without Rivers: 
            A History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis
Publisher: Island Press - 1999 - ISBN # 1559633611

Fundamentally, the salmon's decline has been the consequence of a vision based on flawed assumptions and unchallenged myths.... We assumed we could control the biological productivity of salmon and 'improve' upon natural processes that we didn't even try to understand. We assumed we could have salmon without rivers." --from the introduction... 

Salmon, People and Place:
            A Biologist's Search for Salmon Recovery 
Publisher: OSU Press - 2013 - ISBN # 978-0-87071-724-6

In Salmon, People, and Place, fisheries biologist Jim Lichatowich eloquently exposes the misconceptions underlying salmon management and recovery programs that have fueled the catastrophic decline in Northwest salmon populations for more than a century. These programs will continue to fail, he suggests, so long as they regard salmon as products and ignore their essential relationship with their habitat.

In Salmon, People, and Place he presents a concrete plan for salmon recovery, one based on the myriad lessons learned from past mistakes. What is needed to successfully restore salmon, Lichatowich states, is an acute commitment to healing the relationships among salmon, people, and place.

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